imageOne year and 7 months😏😏😏



Hello everyone! I hadn’t really noticed how big of a difference there is in my hair from the beginning of my journey up until now January 24, 2016. Down below I have a comparison photo! I am even more pumped about my journey. Have a wonderful Sunday🌞 P.S. Photos are from my Facebook


I have been away from some time now. First off hello and I hope all is well with everyone! I am now in my ninth month of being loved, I have only had three professional retwist during my journey as well. I retwisted my entire head myself about 3 times as well, although it didn’t look anything like when my loctician does it! I haven’t had any problems thus far, I also had my loctician put a red dye bye the brand Adore in my hair on October 26th. That was my second time getting my hair dyed, the first go round was right before she installed my starter locs and that color was more of a copper tone. I have been mosturizing with olive oil mainly, I also have been trying Wild Growth Oil on my edges because they were not as thick as they used to be. Protective styling while great for the rest of my head wasn’t really doing my edges any justice! 😭 I must say I think it has been working well. My main concern is telling when my hair is dry and when I should wash my locs. I’m having a hard time with telling if my hair is dry because I’m still not used to all the matting of my hair, so I don’t know if I am mistaking the matting for dryness? When anybody else touches my hair they say it’s soft and it doesn’t feel like it’s dry, but it always feels dry to me so i don’t know. Also with washing I don’t want to wash it too often and I don’t know if I should use conditioner? I think most are really creamy and may cause build up! I’m lost, please help a sista out lol

Down below I have some recent pictures! The progress is real lol

First Retwist

My first retwist was exactly a week ago today! What I have noticed is that my hair geys super frizzy, super fast. . .I sleep with a silk scarf and then a silk bonnet ontop of it. I really don’t mind though because I really don’t like seeing my parts at this stage. So we will see, just using tea tree oil in my hair. I really want to wash it now; she just cleansed my scalp when I went. Hopefully next time I will be able to submerge my head under water! * fingers crossed IMG_20150425_182644

first retwist

Going for my first retwist today!!!! I am super excited for some reason lol

I am just getting off of the graveyard shift, I only have time to shower and eat then it will be time for my appointment!  Will post pictures



So I have had my locs for two going on three weeks. My problem is my loctician told me I can wash my hair for 5 weeks!!! Im trying but the struggle is real! How soon did yoy futs wash, and with what products? She told me if my scalp gets dry and itcy to put this palmers olive oil in my hair. . .! Hmmm what do you all think? Talk to me. . . 🙂 PhotoGrid_1428743847953