So I have had my locs for two going on three weeks. My problem is my loctician told me I can wash my hair for 5 weeks!!! Im trying but the struggle is real! How soon did yoy futs wash, and with what products? She told me if my scalp gets dry and itcy to put this palmers olive oil in my hair. . .! Hmmm what do you all think? Talk to me. . . 🙂 PhotoGrid_1428743847953



  1. Whitney C. · April 11, 2015

    Did you start with coils or 2 strand twists? Sometimes that makes a difference. Also, I’ve noticed it may depend on your texture as well. I started with 2 strand twists and I have thick 4c type hair. A lot of different things play a role in it. Have you tried castor oil? I know it has helped my scalp tremendously with itching!


    • locempress24 · April 11, 2015

      I started with coils I have a number of textures mixed. I will def try the castor oil. She just said use a light weight oil.

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      • Whitney C. · April 11, 2015

        Good luck! Be sure to mix the castor oil with a lighter oil. Sometimes castor oil can be strong or harsh on some people.

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  2. specialkinks · April 11, 2015

    Hey chica, as one who frequently wears braids as a protective style, if your scalp itches, you can use witch hazel and a cotton wool ball to clean your scalp or there is waterless shampoo. You have options besides washing. If you must wash after two or three weeks, try using a stocking cap and don’t massage your hair too much to avoid fuzz and unraveling. Good luck. Hope that helps.


    • locempress24 · April 11, 2015

      Okay ill try the witch hazel because its always in my cabinet. Thank you


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